I love this Spring in terms of fashion.
It’s all about ruffles, flounces, valances and pastel colours  – very feminine.

What I didn’t really like about this Spring is the weather – it leaves a lot to be desired as it has been cold big parts of spring, so I had to postpone wearing my new spring outfits to late spring, even though I bought most of my new styles end of March, beginning of April.

Floral pants and olive blouse

Flower prints are all over the place – I fell in love with these Zara pants the moment I saw them.

This h&m blouse was such a good buy – I’ve been wearing it to all kinds of occasions.

Red heels by Zara as well.

The little gold bag was a birthday present by friends in Brazil.



rose pleated skirt

As you can see, I’m a big Zara lover, so that is also where I got this pleated skirt from.

Top is from Forever 21.


Blue h&m top with ribbons

Off-the-shoulder h&m top with ribbons at the sleeves. I ordered it online in M and as it’s quite big I decided to wear it with a knot to adjust it.

Sunglasses are from Primark because they looked quite cool. I drop in there from time to time to look out for some basics – and sometimes they do have nice stuff that’s not too cheap-looking.

I love my jeans shorts with the appearing gold-sequined pockets. I’ve had them for years and don’t get tired of them.


rosa Volants

A beautiful flounce top in blush, a light pink. From Zara.

Ripped jeans were in style before – what’s new is that they are also ripped at the bottom of the leg. These are a very light shade of pink, in some pictures they appear to be white (by Zara).

The flats are from the Zalando outlet in Frankfurt, such a catch, because usually I don’t find anything there.

Beige Overall

I bought this beige jumpsuit online at Zara and am so happy it fits me, very vernal.


high-waist pants

High-waist pants: such a good buy, they look stylish and elegant and you can use them at so many occasions. (from Zara) They also look good on various body types, no matter if you’re skinny or have hips. Thumbs up.


Lemon headband by Mumu Venice

Lemons are the print of the season – wear it on your dress or on your swimsuit – or as in my case – on your head 🙂
I bought this summery headband at Mumu in Venice Beach, Los Angeles and you can also use it around your neck as a mini scarf.

Lemon-yellow top from Zara

Lemon yellow and army green – Spring it on!

I love theses loafers from Zara. They are really comfy and bring this Moroccon charisma with them. The best part is: they are gold <3 which first of all I really love, and secondly, combines with almost everything.

Army green is another trending colour this spring. There are a lot of army green jackets and shirts around the stores, a lot of them with sequins and/ or patches.

These pants are from h&m and are so handy, because you can use them for the office, for travelling or for a more casual outfit.


High-waist pants and olive greens

Another combination with olive greens: black high-waist pants (Zara),a  light-olive green blouse and army green short jacket (both h&m).

Pair it with gold – ready to go!

Cotton candy pants

Light colours are for spring <3
Love those pastels.

Top: Cynthia Rowley, I love the fabric, it’s really comfortable to wear

Rose pants: Zara

White kitten-heel pumps from Zara, too

Blue off-the-shoulder top and light pink ripped jeans

This top is from Zara and it looked zero crinkled in real life, and then on the pictures all those wrinkles. Why?

Anyways, I love the puffed-up sleeves.

Light pink ripped jeans from Zara.

Army green and light pink – luv that combination

Talking about army green – combine it with light pink and you’re ready to go this Spring.


Pearl jeans

Combining pastel colours and pearls (jeans from Zara)

Flounce jacket from Zara, too.

V-cut pumps from h&m


Blush flounce dress

I fell in love with flounces and with this dress.

A pastel Spring look.


cherry blossom


floral pants

I only have a mirror-selfie of this outfit 🙂

Light pink flounce blouse with floral pants (both Zara).

I don’t find these shoes too stylish, but this was right after a flight and I couldn’t get myself to wearing heels. Those pants do look nicer though in heels than with flats.


Night out

Combining my blush flounce dress with my crown tights (Calzedonia) and V-shaped black heels.


When you want to fly comfortably in style but need to use a backpack because you’re renting a campervan for Coachella 😀

Pants & Top: Zara

Those pants are comfy, but still look stylish because of their fabric.

Blush pumps from h&m.



real life problems: when you’re trying to travel in style but have so much luggage and are “backpacking” at the same time

I bought these sandals in Brazil and they’re so comfy and good for any activity, including travelling.


I love Spring and the outfits that it brought with it this year!
Now looking forward to summer!