This summer is all about tassels and pom-poms.
Especially for earrings and other accessories.

I’m in love with these light pink tassel earrings from Six. It’s a lovely colour to combine with any kind of outfit.

Tassel Earrings


My favourite summer bags at the moment are straw clutches.

Check out these 2 cuties:

This white clutch with gold details from h&m

white golden straw clutch

and this pompon clutch from women’s secret

pompon straw clutch


Both have a good size to stow your smartphone, wallet and some make up. I always carry my powder and lipstick around as well, so my bags can’t be too small 🙂

If you’re looking for a wide variety of straw clutches, personalized straw hats and tassel earrings, also check out Bitsandpiecestogo‘s Instagram page as they have beautiful options. (no ad, I just like their designs 🙂 )

All items can easily be worn in late Summer and Autumn as well, so no need to pack them away as days get colder.