Which birthday type are you?

Do you LOVE your birthday and enjoy being princess (or prince) of the day and having all your loved ones around you?

Does it make you smile when people on the other side of the world you haven’t seen in ages think of you on your special day and send you a message?

Or do you hate being the centre of attention and prefer not to make a big fuss around your birthday? After all, it’s just a day like any other.


I’m definitely the first type.

I love receiving calls and messages from all around the world, people I carry in my heart but can’t see every day. I love putting up decoration for my own party and have my family and friends around me. I do love to unwrap presents as well – my friends are just the most creative and thoughtful people – I received so many amazing gifts. And flowers – I looove to have flowers around me!

Yes, this day is all about me! But I don’t feel guilty about it.

Because I will make YOUR day special for YOU as well <3

Here is how I celebrated my birthday this year, with a Summer/ Pineapple/ Flamingo Theme:

The party was on a weekday as my birthday fell on a Thursday. I’m happy that in spite of that so many people celebrated with me.



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