Corinna and me are going to the World Cup in Brazil!

What is gonna expect us there?

I’ve been looking forward to this World Cup ever since FIFA announced that Brazil would host the World Cup.

Ever since the World Cup took place in Germany, I’m a fan. A fan of the atmosphere, everybody in a good mood, following their team passionately, the internationality, meeting people from all parts of the World, watching high-class football. The World Cup in Germany has been amazing. That’s why I already went to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Back then I went on my own because a friend of mine left me in the lurch a couple of days before because she had taken up a job offer and had to start work immediately – and her boyfriend who was supposed to come, too, had broken up with her just a month before that as well. I already had the match tickets and really wanted to go – so instead of the tree of us going I went on my own. But this time it will be better: I’m going with my girl Cori. Yeahy! And the World Cup is taking place in the best country possible for a soccer event: Brazil!

Germany, South Africa, Brazil – just Australia missing in my favourite country’s list. Too bad it hasn’t been elected as World Cup country 🙁 this would have been a perfect series.

But Brazil has had some rough times leading up to the World Cup. Brazilians were unsatisfied with politics and conditions in their country and went on the streets to protest during Confederation Cup which takes place one year before the World Cup. So will Brazil be a safe place to be during the World Cup? Will it be a „fun“ event? Or will all Brazilians just try to put obstacles in FIFA‘s path and soccer fans will have to be really careful in getting to the stadiums and trying to see their team play? And what about the German National Team? Will they play well? Get on in the World Cup and advance till a further round?

So many questions… but I’m still looking very much forward to our trip!

Whoowhoow, Soccer World Cup in Brazil! Couldn’t think of anything better for now.