A US-American girl I got to know during Spring Break in Cancun a couple of years ago (we were staying at the same couchsurfer’s place), went to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic Games and posted this on her facebook timeline when leaving Brazil.

It shows how welcome she has felt in Rio and how much she felt part of it all.

I couldn’t have said it better!

#visitrio #rio2016

“To be surrounded by people from all around the world, all languages, races, religions celebrating the magic of sport was life changing! Despite all the negativity we typically see displayed in the media, I’ve seen that the world is a phenomenal place and people from all across the planet aspire more towards unity than discord.

I couldn’t be more proud of the human race while being at the Olympics, and I feel that is why the magic of this competition transcends.

Finally, regardless of all the nonsense displayed in the media (the zika, the violence, the economic woes, etc) I realized close to everything at times bordered on sensationalization. How kind that is to a country… I don’t know?

I couldn’t have decided on a better country to host the Olympics! With people who are full of joy and acceptance for all! I felt safe, I felt happy, I felt free and anyone if you can… travel to Brazil! Travel if you can, and experience these amazing people! This amazing world…

And with that I say Vai Brasil, thank you for hosting me, thanks to all the lovely people I’ve met and until we meet again! Muita Obrigada!!!! With love and gratefulness and so much appreciation for your culture and people! Obrigada!! ❤️❤️