Day 13 of the World Cup experience:
We managed to find a taxi to Recife – and it was only 60R$, about 20€. So we were even more angry about yesterday, especially because Corinna was really sick now.

We met with a guy we’ve got to know the day before and left the bags at his house until 3am and then were picked up by Leonardo’s friend Rafael. We met Leo at the FIFA Fan Fest in Salvador, he’s travelling all over Brazil with his friend Valdinho, they have tickets to 13 matches. Craaazyyy.
Then we met them again at the Germany vs. Ghana match in Fortaleza.

They’ve been at the World Cup in Germany and South Africa, too. So: what a coincidence we met now or that we haven’t met before.

Since Leo is in a different Brazilian city every day right now, we could still stay at their place but had to wait for his flatmate to come back from Sao Paulo.
Thanks so much guys!
So now we’re right at the beach – but a little far away from the action, too. Plus it’s still raining all day and there are sharks in the water 😮

At night Corinna stayed at Gabriel’s place sleeping and we went to a bar with a couple of Brazilians and Jerôme who had been on my flight from Madrid to Salvador.

CaipicoléCaipicolé A galera Mar HotelOh, and the German National Team arrived in Recife that night so we went to their hotel. But they got in through the back entrance so all we saw was some fans and reporters.
What a pity!