I’m Uli and I’m travelling the world.

In order to do so more often, I became a flight attendant for an International Airline 🙂

Here, I’m gonna share my exciting live with you.

Why Olivia Flying High?

I always had that phrase in my mind.

Olivia stands for peace and hope, and I think it’s a beautiful name.

Starting early

Since I was a little kid I was nagging my Mom about wanting to live abroad. But we continued living in Germany, travelling within Europe in our summer holidays and going skiing in winter.

When I was 11, I went overseas for the first time. I fell in love with California and decided that when I was grown-up I’d like to live there.

When I was 16, I completely fell in love with Australia during a school exchange and set my mind on studying there after finishing high-school.

But money doesn’t fall from the sky just like that… so I had to change my plans.

After high school I went to live in Italy for a year as an Au Pair. Which meant living with an Italian family, looking after their child and dog and attending Italian language classes.

From Business Administration to Flight Attendant

After coming back from Italy I started a threefold apprenticeship in business of air traffic: on-the-job-training and working at the airport, vocational school and university studies (Business Administration), a five-year program.

Many people ask me “would you like to do anything with your academic studies?”
Like what? Sit in an office for 9 or more hours a day just to meet people’s demands?
I haven’t found the perfect job for me related to “administrating a business” yet, so I will stick to my “mobile laptop office” for now blogging about my experience travelling the world.
I never discard the possibility of changing jobs, I’m open to anything.

In the first place, I should’ve studied photography or languages because they have always been my passion and not trying to do what I thought would be reasonable to do.

Secondly, studying business administration was not in vain. I can always use it, in all aspects of my life.

A tip for everyone out there:

Without it being just a phrase: Follow your heart!
Study or do what you really love doing.
Only then you can also be good at something!

You only have one life!
Create it the way, that when you look back at it at an old age, you don’t have any regrets and you say: I’m happy about how I lived my life!